"Discovery is the ability to be puzzled by simple things." — Noam Chomsky, 20th-century American linguist and political activist

This body of work continues to reflect my interest in finding a comfortable place between representational and non-representational elements in the picture plane.

Initially, my approach to painting is purely intuitive. After priming the surface of my panels, I take over the surface applying large areas of colors and developing interesting surfaces. This part of the process is tremendously enjoyable to me. I often wonder how making a painting resembles an act of faith. Not having preconceived notions of where the work will take me or what the painting will look like in the end. After I have a surface that I like, (or one that I truly despised) I precede to paint a single representational element. In this series I decided to work with water towers. I enjoy their shape and their function.

For the past eight years my approach to my work reflects my love for the act of painting, for the process itself rather that the final product. Painting to me is about process, whether you are developing a surface, mixing the right color or figuring out a different way to approach a problem. Painting to me is a fluid activity that changes as I change.  Painting requires discipline and time. Developing a painting to me is an activity that can be frustrating, rewarding and humbling.